Our Ethos


The Chain started from a love of vintage combined with Debbie’s seamstress skills and Lucy’s designs. We began hand making clothing in house. At the heart of our ethos we want to encourage conscious consumerism and discourage fast fashion trends. Due to this our wait times are 2/3 weeks on most of our handmade items. As we only make what is needed.

This is made in house with our fabric being printed in London with GOTS certified inks. Making our clothing this way avoids any excess waste, or fabric going in to landfill.

All of our handmade range is identified by this flag.



As the demand grew higher for our products, we received help from two small ethical factories for our clothing and homeware who pay their staff a fair to living wage based in the USA and China. These items are made in extremely low bulks to avoid waste.

We currently use a mixture of cotton based and synthetic based materials. We always try to make conscious decisions when deciding which fabric will be the best quality material for your garment. As our small business grows we aim to work with even more organic and sustainable materials.


In 2022 we have switched over to recyclable and compostable mailers.